Cordless lighting
for the modern life.

Untangle your home with the world's most advanced wireless lamps.


Weeks of use,
on a single charge

Say goodbye to portable lamps that dies halfway through dinner, and say hello to lamps that lasts. Get over 100 hours of use per charge on full brightness, and up to 500 hours when dimmed, while delivering wireless controls and better light quality than anything else available.



Get to know the latest addition to the Studio Carnon family.


Get to know the latest addition to the Studio Carnon family.

Half a decade of development has resulted in a construction that marries minimalist design with intuitive functionality, in this truly unique piece of lighting.

100+ hours

With hundreds of hours of battery time per charge our lamps are built to last. Use it for hours every day, weeks at a time, without the need to constantly recharge.





At the base of a fully metal design is a stand made from a solid zinc alloy with a density 3 times higher than the rest of the body. A deliberate choice in order to ensure stability, while keeping its almost gravity-defying silhouette.

Communication is key

We're all about making life a little more delightful, even in the smallest details. Whether you need to know the current battery level, the brightness or how much your lamp has charged, the indication array makes it easy to stay informed at a moments notice.

Meet the new


Cable free.
Industry leading stamina.
Versatile size, minimal design.

Our original design rebuilt from the ground up for a experience out of the ordinary. The Balls lamp is the perfect companion that raises the mood in any room, designed to accommodate a vast variety of interior styles.

Therapy grade light quality

We teamed up with the scientists who illuminated the International Space Station and custom made the best ultra efficient light sources ever, rivalling actual therapy light.


95 CRI

Low Blue-Light

Complete control

Turn on all your lamps with the touch of a finger. Dim the light right from your phone. Enjoy total wireless freedom through our app, created for maximum ease of use.

A future without cables

Sustainability meets efficiency

By taking the place of single use products like candles, typically crafted from palm oil, animal fats or petroleum, our lamps saves both your surroundings and the environment from pollution with each use.